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Quartz wafer is the core component of crystal oscillator. Quartz crystal oscillator with quartz wafer as the core is mainly used in the following aspects:

 Signal communication

Quartz crystal components can be widely used in all kinds of large and medium-sized computers, especially in microcomputers and their peripheral equipment。


Quartz crystal components can be widely used in telephone terminals, program-controlled exchanges, mobile phones, wireless telephones, pagers, fax machines, wireless communications, microwave communications, satellite communications, communication submarine cable projects and communication ground cable projects。

 Clocks and watches

The entry of quartz crystal components into clocks and watches has led to a revolution in the clock industry. It not only improves the clock accuracy by dozens of times, but also greatly reduces the price and cost, so that the clock industry has been unprecedentedly popularized and developed。

 Household Electric Appliances

It shall be used for timing of color TV receiver, video recorder, video camera, VCD, DVD, CD, digital camera, digital radio, refrigerator, microwave oven, electric rice cooker, washing machine and air conditioner. In addition, quartz crystal components can also be used in electronic toys, such as video game consoles, walkie talkies, remote controls, etc.

 Automotive electronics

In automotive electronics, quartz crystal components are mainly used for automotive guidance, function control, electronic map, electronic locator and automotive audio system.

 Medical electronic instrument

It is mainly used in medical electronic instruments such as cardiac pacemaker, CT machine, nuclear magnetic resonance instrument and sphygmomanometer。


Due to the special sensitivity of quartz crystal to force, high temperature resolution and high frequency stability, the mechanical measuring instrument of quartz crystal can not only monitor the huge stress of the earth's crust, but also measure the weight of indoor soot particles。

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